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Chez Suzette

At Chez Suzette, we want to build a community and bring to life that sense of belonging with our interpretation of a home away from home.

Nestled in the corner of Teck Lim Road, Chez Suzette welcomes you through her glass panelled doors and envelopes you in the warmth of her hospitality, right from the moment you enter. 

We would like for you to think of this space as an escape from the fast-paced life in Singapore, a space where you can savour the present moment, inhale the positive vibes and enjoy the comforts we provide with good company and heartfelt conversations.

At Chez Suzette, we want to build a community and bring to life that sense of belonging with our interpretation of a home away from home. 

With that in mind, we take pride in our exceptional service to make you feel right at home with us, whilst we bring to you a variety of food and beverage offerings including our freshly baked pastries, artisanal coffee as well as a range of specially curated French wine and unique non-alcoholic beverages to whet your appetite.

Yet, that is not all. We have also carved out a retail and workshop space at Chez Suzette which features curated items from local artists and craftsmen. Occasionally, we would also like to invite you down for workshop sessions with masters of their trade.

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LUNEL Wine Bar

We have always enjoyed inviting our friends over for a night of exchanging stories and great wines. Inspired by the fondness of those times, we decided to open up a space to everyone who shares this love as well.

LUNEL Wine Bar, the next chapter of Chez Suzette’s story is a new and exciting addition to the dining and wine scene in town, offering a comfortable lounge space for wine lovers as well as a private room, Cave À Vin, where guests can enjoy exclusive wine tasting experiences.

Our Founder’s childhood in Lunel inspired him and wife to create this bar concept within their business and bring a piece of his hometown to this new space. The goal was to showcase the diversity, fun, and uniqueness of Lunel, which is reflected in the carefully curated menu and wine list. Each pairing is designed to showcase the exquisite flavors of the wine and complement the unique flavors of each bite.


By showcasing their passion for wine and drawing inspiration from his hometown, we have created a space that is both inviting and sophisticated, perfect for wine lovers looking for a new and exciting experience. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual wine drinker, LUNEL Wine Bar offers a curated selection of wines that will appeal to everyone's taste buds.  Located on the second level of Chez Suzette at 5 Teck Lim Road, this cozy and inviting space has been tastefully designed to accommodate up to 20 guests.

Not only this space for unwinding with fellow lovers of vino, it is also a great place for masterclasses, corporate functions, and workshops of all trades. LUNEL offers a private space where people can freely share their stories, passions, and their love for wine. Making its grand entrance on 15th April, this stylish and sophisticated LUNEL - Wine Bar is definitely the go-to place for those interested in a night of great company and even better wines.


We Invite You to Visit Our Restaurant

Sparks flew when Chez Suzette founders met while working at 3 Michelin Star restaurant, Joël Robuchon. Suzette and Jonathan made the decision to settle down in Singapore, a place that they now call home.

“We both love hosting gatherings, preparing dinner for individuals who were once strangers but now we call friends and some even family. So despite being far away from our family, we still feel like we belong in our home away from home.” – Suzette


That is where it all began, Suzette and Jonathan had a dream to create a welcoming space for people to come together, their interpretation of home away from home. With that in mind, along with their sheer drive and determination, they finally made this dream a reality with Chez Suzette. One of the key components they wanted to instil in this business was the mutual support for other local brands, to inculcate the culture that “We are stronger than Me”.

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